Get Fit and Strong with the Best Liquid Protein Supplements

Protein is essential in attaining good health. This nutrient plays big roles in body building and taking care of damage done in the cells, bones and muscles. Thus, protein is crucial in faster surgery or injury recovery. Protein can be had by foods that are rich in such a nutrient however, if you want to take a dose of it in a more convenient manner, you can get it through liquid protein supplements. Know more about this specific dietary supplement type by reading this handy guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is liquid protein?

    Answer: Liquid protein is protein included in a type of fluid, like water for example. Liquid protein is used by body builders to get the nutrient following a gym workout. It can also be taken any time of the day based on the fitness routine of the user. Liquid protein is also administered to patients who have underwent surgery specifically for those who went through intestinal or stomach procedures. Because the type of foods they can consume are limited, dietary supplements are instead used as an alternative so the patients can still get proper nutrition. Liquid proteins are also taken by people who want to gain weight. Liquid protein supplements though are not meant to be used as meal replacements for the long term.

  2. What are liquid protein supplements made of?

    Answer: Liquid protein is typically composed of whey. Whey is a milk solid that is rich in protein and often used in lots of protein supplements. Liquid proteins can also contain vitamins and minerals which were added to provide users a balanced mix of required nutrients.

  3. What are the benefits of hydrolyzed liquid protein?

    Answer: Liquid protein supplements make for faster absorption of nutrients. This is due to the fact that the nutrients are directed straight to the bloodstream and bypasses digestive procedures. It is also a good alternative for people who have difficulties swallowing tablets and capsules. It is also a neater way to take proteins since there’s no need to deal with messy powders. You can take liquid protein supplements straight from its container as well—there are products which come in handy, travel-friendly individual packets as well so you can easily take one with you during gym sessions.

Our Top Picks


ProT GOLD Berry Sugar Free Liquid Protein Shot

  • Gives 17.5g protein per 1 oz serving
  • With 3g arginine
  • Sugar and carb-free
  • Free from certain allergens

The ProT GOLD Berry Sugar Free Liquid Protein Shot has nutrients that can help you give a more defined, healthier body. It brings 17.5 grams of the nutrient for every 1 ounce serving. The liquid protein shot is completely free from GMOs, fat, carbs and sugar and a host of allergens like gluten, lactose and soy. What it includes though are health-giving nutrients like fortified aminos and even arginine for fast injury and wound recovery. For quick digestion and absorption, the formula was also hydrolyzed with enzymes.


Proteinex Hydrolyzed Liquid Protein

  • Contains 18g hydrolyzed protein
  • 99% absorption rate
  • With 18000mg collagen per serving
  • Fat, carb and sugar-free

The Proteinex Hydrolyzed Liquid Protein is blended with 18 grams of protein and 18000mg of collagen per serving—this means you can definitely get the amino acids that you need for peak health. The formulation does not contain any hidden ingredients nor proprietary stuff—it is also free from sugar, fat, carbs, preservatives, artificial colors or alcohol. The best highlight of this option though is its effective hydrolyzed form—this means the protein it comes with is predigested for faster absorption. You won’t experience any bloating from taking this as well.


Health Direct AminoSculpt Collagen Sugar-Free Protein Shots

  • Medical-grade liquid collagen protein
  • Hydrolyzed raw collagen form
  • Contains collagen types I, II, III, IV, V and X.
  • Helps trim down body

If you are after a trimmer body and firmer skin, collagen protein is the nutrient for you. The Health Direct AminoSculpt Collagen Sugar-Free Protein Shots contains raw collagen that has been hydrolyzed for speedy absorption in the body. The sugar-free formula comes with 16000mg of collagen peptides for every serving. It has collagen types I, II, III, IV, V and X—in fact, the dipeptides and the tripeptides it includes feature low molecular weights. That way, they can be taken in by the body in a quicker, more beneficial manner.


Global Health Products LiquaCel Liquid Protein

  • Contains 16g protein each serving
  • With 2.5g arginine per serving
  • Has essential and nonessential amino acids
  • Gluten and sugar-free

The Global Health Products LiquaCel Liquid Protein is another hydrolyzed liquid protein form which means it can be taken in readily by the body for maximum results. If you have been medically-required to consume larger volumes of dietary protein supplements, ones in liquid form are easier to take and very sufficient too. It provides 16g of the nutrient per serving plus 2.5 grams of arginine. The blend comes in a good range of flavors too from Peach Mango, Watermelon, Lemon and Orange and Grape. The formula is also dialysis and bariatric-friendly.


FrogFuel Energized Power Liquid Protein Shot

  • Contains 15g nano-hydrolyzed collagen protein
  • With 80mg caffeine
  • Complete protein formula
  • Flat, gluten, lactose, sugar and carb-free

The FrogFuel Energized Power Liquid Protein Shot will be your companion in the path to good health. The formula offers a good 15g of collagen protein per serving—this is actually a protein supplement that is considered complete since it contains essential and nonessential amino acids. The formula is also nano-hydrolyzed—it has undergone this process by means of fruit enzymes without acids or heat to ruin its quality. The hydrolyzed process was employed in order to make easily-absorbed proteins. Great for body-building, cell repair, blood vessel quality improvement, hair loss prevention and firmer, younger-looking skin.


Medtrition StoreLiquid Collagen Peptides Type I, III

  • Liquid collagen and whey protein isolate
  • Contains Type I and III collagen
  • Only contain 100 calories
  • Easy to use

The Medtrition StoreLiquid Collagen Peptides Type I, III contains predigested pure collagen peptides—this means the collagen protein it comes with has been hydrolyzed for faster integration into the body. The hydrolyzed factor also prevents bloating during intake of the supplement since the protein will circumvent the digestive process. This liquid protein can be taken straight from the container or you can add it on your favorite fitness shakes or drinks. Recommended for athletes, patients and the elderly for an easy and convenient way to get protein.

Protein is one of the most crucial nutrients, and lacking enough amounts of the nutrient can lead to health conditions. It is also important in case you want to build muscle. Thus, for optimal health, you can add dietary protein supplements to your diet for maximum results. For convenient intake of protein, go for the liquid protein types.